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Here are a few examples of the work we delivered

Commercial Actions

Quantifying loss of profits for company not receiving work under a contract due to bribery of council employee.

Quantifying consequential losses arising for breach of contract cases against two separate banks.

Reviewing financial information for purposes of expressing view on existing of partnership.

Collating and quantifying loans and services provided as part of a debt recovery case.

Preparation of loss of profits claim for a listed construction group in respect of termination of facilities management contract.

Audit of service charges of two separate shopping centres on behalf of Tenants associations.

Prepared report on calculation of goodwill for warranty case.

Royalty Audit on Computer Games Developer and Publisher for the Financer.

Royalty Audit on Computer Games Publisher for Licence holder.

Royalty Audit on Computer Games Publisher for Games Developer.

Appointed single joint expert to quantify losses arising from breach of contract. 

Employee Fraud

Two separate projects for solicitors acting for major trade union to quantify losses due to officer fraud and to give opinion as to whether the evidence supported their proposed civil cases.

Employment Law

Acted as single joint expert for two solicitors firms in the valuation of shares held by departing director of a company.

Acted for solicitor in employment dispute case regarding ex directors rights to patent, I had to value Patent.

Acted for solicitor in action against director who had left company to work for competitor taking company documents with them.  Valued the copyright in documents.

Executory Cases

Valued the copyright in book rights left in an estate, enabling the executors to sell rights to publisher.

Valued health farm business for Inheritance Tax Purposes.

Valued a property investment company for Inheritance Tax purposes.

Valued various holdings in private companies for Inheritance Tax Purposes. 

Appointed as a single joint expert to determine the calculation of the final balance sheet after the death of one of the partners.

Family Law

A number of cases for a variety of Solicitor firms valuing businesses in divorce cases.

Valuing share options held by spouse in divorce action.

Reviewing bank accounts to consider if any evidence in missing funds or hidden bank accounts in divorce action.

Minority Oppression Cases

Acted for a majority of partners in a firm of solicitors in an internal dispute on valuation of their limited company.  

Acted for shareholder solicitor seeking valuation for their shares in firm that they had left.

Acted for minority shareholders in Hotel company seeking valuation of shareholding for a company law action.

Personal Injury

Quantifying loss of earnings and for a Medical negligence case.

Quantifying loss of earnings due to a major accident - Clutha Vaults

Quantifying loss of earnings due to accident caused by negligence in servicing of a bycycle.

Professional Negligence

Reviewing and expressing an opinion of Audit Negligence – failing to identify fraud by directors of a subsidiary of listed construction group.

Quantifying loss of interest and profit share for funder in case of professional negligence against firm of Surveyors.

Prepared report for professional negligence case against accountant for financial services issue.

Prepared report on losses arsing from negligence case concerning purchase of property for use as a takeaway when that use prohibited in title deed.

Prepared report on losses arising for developer in professional negligence against Surveyors.

Valuation Work

Valued £500m acquisition by Private Equity company detailing the valuation between patents, goodwill, non compete agreements, created own software, customer relationships, memberships and trade names.

Valued an internet trading company for the purposes of a merger.

Valued a company for share options.

Valued a company and its patents for a prepack.

Valued computer games company for sale to Sony.

Valued internet company for a prepack.

Criminal Cases

Expressing view on accounting treatment on transactions in Fraud case and as to whether they were normal practice.

Reviewing procedures and controls for cash a railway station as part of defence for station master being prosecuted for theft. 

Reviewing crown papers in a Tax Fraud case to express a view for the defence.

Proceeds of Crime Cases - Criminal

Undertaken several reports in proceeds of crime cases where the defendant has been convicted of criminal acts and the crown is looking to seize funds – in all cases founds errors in Crown reports and calculations of monies to be seized.

Proceeds of Crime Cases – Civil

Provided report and gave evidenced in Court of Session case where an individual had monies from sale of a business seized by crown without any criminal charges being brought and his solicitors were left to prove that he had not received funding to buy business from criminal activities.