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Jeffrey AC Meek LLP

We offer a broad range of forensic accountancy services such as business valuations, share valuations, calculation of losses arising in commercial disputes or personal injury.

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We can provide Accountants with an independent forensic accountant service to assist their clients including investigating fraud, quantifying losses or by providing an independent valuation for an employment or family law dispute. We can provide a single number in a letter or a detailed report to suit your needs. We have experience of intellectual property valuation ranging from book rights to patents.


We have assisted a number of companies by providing a range of forensic accounting services to resolve their problems. Projects that we have worked on have included loss of profits calculations for insurance claims, fraud investigations, valuations for acquisitions, disposals or to support an employee incentive scheme.


We take instructions from Solicitors for legal aid and non legal aid cases. We can assist them by providing an independent expert report in a range of areas including valuation of businesses and shares for commercial litigation and family law cases. They can be reassured that we have given expert testimony in Sheriff Courts and Court of Session cases. In addition we have provided expert support of Mediation cases.

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Jeffrey is a Member of Chartered Accountants Worldwide
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"You were very able and would strongly recommend you as an expert witness in the future."

Andrew Ion
Partner, Kerr Stirling

"Jeff helped us to analyse and trace royalties owed to us from a foreign publisher. Such tasks are often under great pressure from both sides. Jeff was incisive, direct and highly commercial in his approach, and identified substantial potential recoveries for our company. An expert in all areas of the finance, management and operational issues of computer and video games development. Recommended."

David Bailey
CEO of Black Cactus

"I had used Jeff to undertake an expert determination as an alternative to legal action at the suggestion of my solicitors. I was very pleased with the speed of the process and satisfied with the outcome. As a result of this positive experience, I have had the requirement to seek an expert determination in future contracts as part of any dispute process."

Shaf Rusul
Serial Entrepreneur, Business Mentor and Columnist, Investor and Dragon's Den Star, Investing in Technology adn Property

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